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Durry is majorly the cover for the floor and somewhat do resembles the drugget, which is woven on the loom by either using yarn of silk or cotton or camel hair or goat. The carpet installing is also taken care by the concerned team. It could be used as the throw rug or bedside rug, or for covering passages and corridors or even also can replace the carpet. The weft and warp are cotton yarn, and the interlocked weave of the durries are making them reversible. They are quite light in weight and also easy to maintain. They enchant you with their subtle yet their ethnic appearance.

In India, lot many companies are involved in handling and delivering remarkable floor durries, and that too with the remarkable services and designs which are going to impact the presence in front of an audience. They are available in numerous colors, designs, sizes etc. and are providing extra -ordinary services for the handicrafts. Further they are quite light in weight and also featured with less shedding of the fibers, due to which they have become one of the decor for interior design. The carpet floor, whether it be residential or commercial, could be finalized based on the requirement of the clients and the current audience present.

This is the best quality of hand tufted carpet ..
Rs. 7,200
Ex Tax: Rs. 7,200
This is the best quality of hand tufted carpet. ..
Rs. 4,500
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,500
Rs. 14,500
Ex Tax: Rs. 14,500
Rs. 1,050
Ex Tax: Rs. 1,050
Rs. 15,650
Ex Tax: Rs. 15,650
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