Steps to follow while cleaning your carpet

Here are the 7 easy to follow
Step 1: Moving the furniture

It is difficult to clean the carpet when part of it is under the table. Remove furniture and other households overlying the carpet to you want to clean.

Step 2: Vacuum the room.

Vacuuming the room shortly before embarking on carpet cleaning exercise is essential to remove debris and loose dirt such as hair, dust and soil particles. Loose dirt may fall down from the rest of the room to the carpet if you choose to vacuum the carpet only. Vacuuming the whole room is therefore, advisable.

Step 3: Pre-treatment

This involves undertaking preliminary and less effective cleaning procedures such as water and bottle spray. This step serves to eliminate less stubborn stains.

Step 4: Read the machine instructions

It is important to read the user manual of the cleaning machine you intent to you use. Machines tend to have different cleaning settings for different surfaces. Ensure you adjust the machine into the correct carpet cleaning mode.

Step 5: Start the cleaning process

Begin the cleaning in one corner of the room then move across the room in straight lines. You should stop and often move back for thorough cleaning. Ensure the entire carpet is clean before allowing it to dry. Repeat the process in other rooms.

Step 6: Dry the carpet

Allow air in the room by turning on the fans and opening the door. Carpets dry faster when air blows on them. Let them dry for two hours.

Step 7: Disengaging the machine

Empty the water tank before storing the machine. It is important to rinse the tank after every cleaning exercise.


Carpet cleaning is no longer a tough job as it used to be. Machines do the hard part of the job. Regardless of the method you choose to clean your carpet, always consider environment conservation.