F.A.Q - Knots

Erba is made of a perfect blend of Polypropylene fibers and Polyethylene which give the desire toughness to the fibers to withstand heavy usage and the softness for it to feel like grass. The backing underneath is made of Polyurethane.
The surface on which Erba is installed can be almost anything: hard ground / rocky areas / rooftops (tiles / RCC) etc. Erba being porous, the only requirement remains: If the installation is on a hard surface (which is non-porous like a rooftop) there needs to be adequate sloping to allow rainwater or other water to flow towards a water outlet. If the installation is indoors where there are no chances of falling of water on Erba, the only requirement remains is the floor should be smooth.

Direct sticking will prevent water from flowing underneath the turf. Given that Erba is porous (rain-water or any other water that falls on Erba almost instantly flows down through the porous backing underneath) therefore it is installed in such a way that there is enough clearance for water to flow.

On hard ground, there is an elaborate sub-base preparation that is done to ensure that it is firm yet porous to allow water to seep into the ground. On a hard surface like concrete, tiles etc., a thick contoured mesh is laid, which allows a clearance of 4-6 mm for the water to flow along the slope towards the water outlet.

The installation of Erba is almost semi-permanent. It cannot be removed oftenly or even frequently, it can be taken off permanently if required.

Erba is very porous. (Drains at over 12-14 inches per hour which is faster than the heaviest rain). Which is why it is installed in over 3,000 stadiums, where sporting activities continue even when it is raining heavily (Football, Rugby etc). Further more, Erba is made to withstand all the atmospheric condition outdoor / indoor. Erba carries ultra violet processed fiber which give strength for colorfastness in hot conditions.

  • Yes. Erba is porous.
  • Daily cleaning / wiping is not required. The only maintenance needed is an occasional brushing.
While the turf itself is not very heavy (about 175 gms per sft), there is a infill of Silica sand and Rubber granules that is in filled between the fibers. (The infill is required to support the fibers and prevent them from falling flat when walked upon and also to provide a soft cushioning when people walk on it). The approximate weight of infill in each sft is less than 1 to 1.5 kgs.
A light spray of water is all that is needed to wash the dust away, whenever required. Alternatively, a light brushing is also effective. Normally, a vacuum cleaner should not be used, as it may suck up the infill of silica sand and rubber granules that is in filled between the fibers. For cleaning of food items, leaves and other materials generally cleaning is done by broom.
  • It is okay to keep potted plants on Erba, but there position should be changed after every few weeks. So that the fibers that are bent temporarily can regain their shape.
  • If there are any stains, they can be washed or wiped away, by applying brush with mild detergent solutions.
  • Erba has been UV treated to resist fading.
  • The melting point of the fibers is over 150º Centigrade. There are many installation of Erba in the Middle East, where temperatures are over 50ºC. Additionally it is also treated to be Fire-Retardant.
While Erba is warranted for 5 - 8 years (7 years in the case of Golf products), the estimated life could be 15 to 20 years or more.
6'.7" & 13’.2” ( 2 Mtr & 4 Mtr.)
Installation will have to be done by Erba, their Authorized Distributors or their trained installation teams.
No! Unlike the old generation "Astroturf" kind of fields used in Hockey stadiums, Erba does not need to be watered.
Yes, Erba is ideal to be used indoors, as natural grass would not grow due to lack of sunlight.

Costs of natural grass, sodding, grass replacement, soil replacement, fertilizer, water, weeding, mowing, labour, extra RCC and water proofing etc., all contribute to a substantial cost of maintaining natural grass, while there are no expenses on account of the maintenance of Erba.

Also, Erba is an ideal choice where grass does not grow or cannot be maintained. Such as

  • Indoors
  • Water constraint
  • High summer heat
  • Heavy foot traffic areas
  • Rooftops

Nowadays it is also used extensively for home / hotel / resort Golf Putting Greens.

Erba is manufactured in the US and therefore has to be imported. After which there is an elaborate, exacting process to install it. Due to its porosity either a specific sub-base is constructed, or (on a rooftop) a special contoured mesh is laid. Then the turf is cut along the shape of the installation site. The fibers are brushed open with special machines. Extensive amount of Silica Sand (not beach sand), rubber granules are infilled and there is a finishing process. All these contribute to the one-time costs of procuring and installing Erba.
Normally all the varieties are kept readily available to maximum extent. Total delivery period depends upon the destination distance for its transportation, with the exception for very large orders i.e for container quantities the delivery schedule is worked out at the time of finalization of the order. Sale and Installation confirmations are based on 80% advance of the total order value.