6 Easy Tips to Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Carpets go through a lot in their lifetime. With muddy feet and paws, accidental spillages and unavoidable footfall, your carpet can be left looking worn out and tired in just a few short months.

1. Vacuum regularly

Buying the newest, top-of-the-range vacuum cleaner isn’t a definite solution for your carpets. To extend its life, you’ll need to give it a once over with the hover at least twice a week. Make sure you’re clearing the filters regularly, too, as a full vacuum isn’t going to be performing to the best of its ability.

2. Switch it up

Regular footfall can be tough for your carpet to handle. Certain areas will get stomped on more often than others, leaving them flattened and worn down. A regular shake up of your home’s layout will help to keep your entire carpet looking and feeling as good as new. Try moving furniture around every 6 months or so for the best results.

3. Use baking soda

A clean looking carpet simply isn’t enough. You want it to smell like new, too. Sprinkling a light layer of baking soda across your carpet before vacuuming will help to leave it looking and smelling fresh. Keep those pesky pet scents at bay with this handy trick. For tougher areas, leave the baking soda to settle for a few minutes before vacuuming.

4. Emergency stain remover kit

Stains are a new carpet’s worst nightmare. If they’re not tackled properly and quickly, even the smallest stains can ruin the look of any home. Keeping a stash of the best stain removing products is the best way to quickly remove any nasty spills. Shaving cream, dishwasher detergent, club soda and hydrogen peroxide are some of the best stain removers.

5. Trim loose ends

If any loose snags of tufts appear on your carpet, make sure you don’t pull them out. This will only make the problem worse, tearing the carpet from the backing. Instead, grab a pair of scissors and trim the snag before the problem worsens. Pet owners and parents in particular should be on the lookout for these tufts, as claws and little hands can easily pull threads loose.

6. Regular deep clean

Even if you follow our first 5 tips, it’s inevitable that your carpet will start to look tired and worn after a few months in your home. Just as you’d take your car in for an oil change, your carpet needs some professional maintenance. Unlike regular vacuums, a professional carpet cleaner can get deep into the fibers, removing all dirt and grime.